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Highlights from the Butterworth Farms Association Kickoff Meeting 

January 9, 2019 


  • Introduction of new leadership of Butterworth Association:  
  • Executive Board: Co-Presidents – Renee Bogert and Marianne Zeller 
  • Treasurer – Laura Heitmann 
  • Membership Chair – Kristin Deleppo. More members needed.  
  • Social Chair(s) - OPEN, Volunteers needed to help with events  
  • Communication Chair(s) - OPEN 
  • Civic Chairperson – OPEN 
  • Many other Committees are open – see new Membership form 
  • Special thanks for Dyanna McGuire for her many years of service.   
  • List of Social events and activities were distributed as part of the 2019 membership form.  Current and new activities were discussed and feedback requested with a focus on creating a more socially active neighborhood. 
  • Discussion to further explain each club/committee, what they do, when they meet and if events are kid friendly.  This document will be created for review at the next meeting.  
  • Ideas discussed – Clubs to include men such as BBQ club, chili cook-off.  Need men to chair these committees. 
  • Discussed improving communications so that all neighbors know what is going on, and not just those that attend the coffee meetings.   Membership Chair, Kristin Deleppo reported that many improvements will be made to reorganize the contact list, widen distribution of information, improve membership renewal process and subsequent member interest email distribution.  Other items discussed: 
  • Communications Committee has open positions.  
  • Role includes: Ensure notes are taken at all meetings with clear action items and distributed soon after meeting.. Source event dates and info from Google Drive and post updates to FB and Next Door (?) 
  • Newsletter – Judi Fitzpatrick volunteered. Creates neighborhood newsletter that is distributed via Email (use template).  Newsletter includes meeting highlights, upcoming events, call for volunteers, neighborhood related news.  
  • Event updates will be sent via MailChimp (or similar) 
  • Maintaining event calendar on Google Drive (with member access). 
  • Setting up Facebook group to promote events (TBD).  
  • Use of Evite and/or Signup Genius for events requiring RSVP or signup. 
  • Membership form was distributed for review. 
  • Discussed value of membership not just being the events, but the relationships, helping your neighbors in need, access to contact list, potential services offered, etc.   
  • Form will be revised based on feedback such as clarification of committees. 
  • Membership form will have a member / non-member option – Non-member neighbors will only receive public safety/emergency information. Determine if we want to share newsletter? 
  • Request to complete the form electronically, if possible.  This will allow for easier management of contact list, renewal and distribution lists.  Thank you! 
  • PayPal will be set up for ease of payment options.  


  • Committee Updates/New Business: 
  • Craft Club – The next club is Monday January 28th at 8PM.  It is a silhouette picture.  For more information and to sign-up, please reach out to Connie Beneroff at Connie 973-292-8533 or 
  • Book Club - The next club is Feb 7, 2019 at 8 PM.  "Stay with Me” by Ayobami Adebayo.  Clare Prentice has graciously offered to host at her home on 39 Buckley Hill.   Clare’s email  is: 
  • Discussion on reinstating a landscaping committee for maintenance of Butterworth entrances.  Need volunteers to assist with this project and obtaining bids and/or volunteers (scouts, etc.).  
  • Civic issues such as parking on streets during snow storms – a request was made to remind neighbors of this.   


  • Future meeting dates (revised due to holidays and school break): 
  • 2/5, 3/5, 4/2, 5/7, 6/4, 9/10, 10/15, 11/12, 12/3  
  • The February 5th meeting will be at the home of Beth Earley located at 16 Corn Hill at 7:30. 
  • Appetizers and dessert sign-up: Rene Beretsky, Charlotte Walker, Judi Fitzpatrick, Barbara Roberts. 


Any questions, ideas or inquiries related to joining a committee should be directed to Renee Bogert ( - 15 Buckley Hill Rd; or Marianne Zeller ( - 26 Corn Hill Dr. 


2019 membership form will be distributed in the next 7 – 14 days via email and mailbox delivery.  Flyer distribution helpers are needed.   


Thank you.  We are looking forward to a great year!